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Best friends August and Zinzi are 30-somethings from Cape Town.

They embrace their curves and love the skin they're in, not letting it hold them back from doing the things they love.


My hope from these illustrations is; that their friendship, zest for life and adventures inspire women of all shapes, sizes and colours to be confident with who they are.

The August and Zinzi Series

August at Fish Hoek Beach


Kalk Bay resident August, loves to swim in the local tidal pools.

The crisp morning water and smell of the ocean invigorates and helps her to de-stress; not even the winter chill prevents her from quick morning plunge.

She tries to swim most days before

work as an art therapist at a nearby old age home.


Wine Tasting in Stellies

Zinzi and August enjoy the drive into wine country, savouring the cheese and wine of region. Followed by a meander through the historic town of Stellenbosch and the local craft market.

Morning Workout in the City

Plant lover Zinzi, is a horticulturalist at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

She has been cultivating a mini tropical haven in her flat in the city, with views of Lions Head.

She enjoys the calm area it creates where she works on her Pilates moves.


Snorkeling at Windmill Beach

August loves the ocean, as it is there that she finds inspiration for her art.

In her free time she likes to snorkel and get better acquainted with the precious creatures that are vital to our oceans staying healthy.

Watch this space for more adventures with August and Zinzi...

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